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Community Resources

Resources from fellow business owners, industry leaders, and investors to help navigate COVID-19 for your business during this challenging time.

Employees & Workplace

Legal Aid At Work
Legal information for workers: A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Coronavirus.
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Supply Chain & Fulfillment Preparedness

List of Active 3PLs
We’ve pulled together a live list of 3PL solutions that are open for business to support you and your customers during COVID-19.

Fuse Inventory’s Guide to Building a Resilient Supply Chain 
A guide to building a resilient supply chain, which will include tips on how to navigate these uncertain times. To be published the week of March 30. Fuse is also holding a 30-min virtual session and can cover any topics from supply chain to customer success.

Fulfillment Preparedness Tips from Bombas
Drew Barker, Senior Director of Operations at Bombas, has compiled a list of fulfillment preparedness and response measures outlined below.

  • Parcel carriers are beginning to announce that they are temporarily no longer honoring SLA’s, (e.g., a 2-day parcel is no longer guaranteed to deliver in 2 days). Monitor shipping performance and adjust customer expectations accordingly.
  • Identify a vendor to professionally sanitize your DC should a large percentage of the staff test positive. Get a quote for the cost of the sanitization service and know how much downtime to expect.
  • Consider pausing physical returns. Still refund customers and place exchange orders, but offer that they can keep/share the items they asked to return. Pros: surprise customers with good experience, protect DC staff from virus transfer from customer returns, eliminate non-essential parcel volume.
  • Consider adding new pick-pack shifts with fewer employees per shift as a social distancing measure. Log date/time employees enter and exit the facility. If an individual tests positive, this log will help identify who may have come in contact with the ill individual.
  • Implement a non-punitive sick leave policy for pick-pack staff. Some DCs are even giving monetary rewards to employees who inform their employer they have tested positive.
  • Aside from a few edge cases, country borders have remained open to commerce. The expectation is that borders will remain open, but transit times may increase.


Community Support

Offline2on.com Resource Center
Connect with the resources, developers, platforms, and partners. Offline2on.com is community-led, cross-platform initiative to support businesses in the wake of COVID-19.

Shopify Community Forum
Connect with fellow Shopify business owners and get support in the COVID-19 community forum.

Free DTC Strategy Session with Metacake
Contact a member of the ecommerce growth team via email or message Bob Strachan direction on LinkedIn for a free strategy sessions with Metacake. Metacake has also published a list of discounted resources from the Metacake team and partners.


Product Returns

Return Policy Considerations
Returnly has pulled together three COVID-19 considerations for your return policy. We also hosted a virtual open house session with eCommerce founders, investors and partners to discuss everything from capital to team morale.


Last Updated: March 27, 2020

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