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Build loyalty and fuel new revenue by crediting customer returns right away, risk-free.

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Improve the overall shopping experience with a hassle-free returns experience.

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Increase repurchase conversion by crediting customer returns immediately.

Guaranteed Sales

Returnly assumes all product and return risk, guaranteeing the sale in your books.

Instant credit back, risk-free

For shoppers, returning products is the most frustrating step in the online shopping experience. It takes brands 21 days to process returns and issue refunds, resulting in unhappy customers and lost sales. With Returnly, your best shoppers can exchange or buy again immediately. Plus, we take on the fraud and product risk, so you get better returns.

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No registration or order numbers required. Let your customers handle all their product return needs with a simple and fully customizable solution that improves the overall brand experience while saving you time and money processing returns.

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The Pe Hub Network

Returnly.com, a startup that enables online merchants and marketplaces to provide the best in class online returns experience, is announcing today a $3.25M seed round, active partnerships and a growing customer base.

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Returnly fronts consumers their money in the form of an online wallet that can be used for repurchases from the same brand. Once the retailers receive the original good, the money is taken out of the wallet and put back in the customer's account.

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Springer Link

Commonly viewed as a cost center from an operations perspective, product returns have the potential to strongly influence operating margins and business profitability, thus constituting a risk for online retailers.

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