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Green Returns

Reduce the cost and waste of unwanted returns

Refund your best customers without having to ship back an unwanted return — risk-free.

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Smarter returns for a greener planet

Using machine learning and data science, Green Returns™ makes real-time policy decisions when an item can’t be resold guaranteeing the best outcome for your customers, business, and the planet.

  • Reduce unnecessary waste

    By allowing customers to keep an item that can’t be resold, you can eliminate much of the waste it would create — from carbon emissions to product packaging and landfill waste.

  • Save on supply chain costs

    Fewer return shipments means less time and labor dedicated toward managing them. Save in return shipping, warehouse handling, and customer support contact.

  • Earn your customers' trust

    Be honest with customers when an item can't be resold and will contribute to landfill waste. By being open and transparent, trust between the customer and brand is built.

Complete your returns stack

Map to all the uses cases in your post-purchase journey by adding turn-key solutions to your returns stack.

  • Returnly Credit

    Returnly Credit

    Let your customers get the right item before returning the wrong one — with no risk to you.

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  • International Returns

    International Returns

    Delight shoppers around the world with simple, localized returns for your online store.

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  • In-Store Returns

    In-Store Returns

    Make your stores a drop-off point for online returns — no boxes, labels, or contact required.

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