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An exchange experience like no other

Returnly pays you for the exchange order on behalf of your customers, so they can get the right item before returning the wrong one.

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Exchange orders always in stock

We pay you for exchange orders on behalf of your customers so the new item ships right away. This means customers never have to wait for the item they paid for, and you know it will always be in stock — guaranteed.

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Exchange for anything

Let your customers exchange for anything they want, not just size or color. If they pick an item that costs more, don't eat the difference. Returnly is the only solution that allows you to capture payment right in your portal, driving incremental revenue on the return.

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Instant fulfillment with zero risk

Exchanges made with Returnly Credit are paid for by Returnly and completely risk-free. If the customer doesn’t send back the original or it gets lost in the mail, we take that loss and you get two sales in the books.

“Customers are loving the new experience. They really appreciate being able to choose a new item rather than a traditional exchange.”

Natalie Heylen, Head of Customer Service
Senita Athletics

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Complete your returns stack

Map to all the uses cases in your post-purchase journey by adding turn-key solutions to your returns stack.

  • Returnly Credit

    Returnly Credit

    Let your customers get the right item before returning the wrong one — with no risk to you.

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  • International Returns

    International Returns

    Delight shoppers around the world with simple, localized returns for your online store.

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  • Green Returns

    Green Returns

    Refund your best customers without having to ship back an unwanted return — risk-free.

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  • Returns Optimization

    Returns Optimization

    We’ve partnered with Optoro to reduce the complexity, costs, and waste caused by online returns.

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