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Case Study

Switching from Loop to Returnly Saves Tradlands Upwards of 70% in Monthly Returns Costs

Read how Returnly's honest pricing was only the first of many benefits Tradlands has enjoyed since making the switch.

The Challenge

Tradland’s thoughtful approach and stunning designs quickly made their wardrobe essentials a mainstay in many closets. But as business grew, challenges quickly surfaced with their previous returns partner, Loop. Head of Operations Alexia Luz-LaSalle explained, “We initially started looking for a different returns partner due to how Loop approaches pricing. They were increasing our subscription, charging fees for every return and charging for integrations. As our business grew, their model made it impossible to scale.”

The Solution

Alexia went to the drawing board to research alternative returns partners and was excited to discover Returnly’s honest pricing with no surprise fees. “With Returnly Growth, we pay a flat monthly subscription with no added cost per return. Out of the gate, this saves us upwards of 70% in monthly returns costs.” While pricing was what initially attracted Alexia and her team to Returnly, it was only the first of many benefits the Tradlands team enjoyed after making the switch.

The Solution

The Results

Outcome #1 - Plug-and-play integrations

Alexia was excited to learn of Returnly’s turnkey integrations, and one in particular unlocked powerful revenue-generating opportunities for Tradlands. “Our Returnly sales person shared that the Klaviyo integration was on the roadmap. A week after we onboarded, the integration was live and available at no additional cost. That was a huge trust builder for us. We knew immediately that you deliver on your roadmap and prioritize enhancements that are truly valuable to your customers.”

Outcome #2 - Actionable analytics in a few clicks

With Returnly, Alexia soon realized she had robust data at her fingertips that allowed her to report on performance and prove success. “With Returnly I have the freedom to view our performance using detailed drill downs directly in the dashboard or I can export our data to use as I wish. I couldn’t do this with our previous returns partner and was missing key information like return dates; their analytics erred on the side of vanity KPIs while Returnly analytics are actionable out-of-the-box.”

Outcome #3 - Returns tracking that unlocks new sales

It comes as no surprise that Tradlands’ popularity causes items to sell out fast. But with full visibility into returns tracking, Alexia can turn refunds into new sales even before the package arrives at their warehouse. “Returnly integrates with our WMS ShipHero allowing us to see a complete picture of returns tracking and the status of each package. With this level of visibility, we can sell incoming returns to hopeful customers who weren’t able to purchase before the item sold out. This allows us to build relationships with our customers and save orders we otherwise would have missed out on.”


While honest pricing first attracted Alexia to Returnly, it was only the first of many benefits her team has enjoyed since onboarding. “Returnly is constantly rolling out new functionality. It's obvious Returnly is a company that actually listens to customers and applies feedback to the roadmap. We've encountered very few bugs in comparison with our previous returns partner. More importantly, the bugs we've experienced with Returnly have had no impact on the customer experience whereas bugs with our previous partner generated a number of angry and confused customer emails. Most importantly, Returnly has optimized our ability to provide our customers with an exceptional experience, which is our guiding star as a business.”

  • Brand image

    Industry Apparel

    Key Products Instant Exchanges

    Website returns.tradlands.com

  • Business Impact

    22% revenue retained by Returnly, 91% automated returns

Alexia Luz-LaSalle, Head of Operations

“With Returnly, we pay a flat monthly subscription with no added cost per return. Out of the gate, this saves us upwards of 70% in monthly returns costs compared with Loop.”

Alexia Luz-LaSalle, Head of Operations

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