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Case Study

KITH uses Returnly to deliver the premium experience customers expect

Find out how the cult favorite brand, KITH, uses Returnly to offer the highest quality return experience and eliminate surprise returns.

The Challenge

Improving the shopping experience for one of Kith biggest stores, their ecommerce store, was high priority for Kith as a brand. A shopper’s post-purchase online return and exchange process is a key part of the overall shopping experience. Kith was looking to reduce friction for shoppers caused by back and forth with customer service about product returns.

They were searching for a branded self-service online product returns flow that would improve the ecommerce shopping experience while enabling new customer touch points. Kith needed more in-bound product returns visibility. They had no way of anticipating how many returns to expect for processing in a given week, and at times staff were bombarded by surprise returns. Kith needed a way to improve and streamline internal workflows.

In addition, Kith’s returns process did not provide data around what products were returned and why, nor data on shopper post-purchase engagement. Kith wanted to leverage actionable returns insights for merchandising decisions and increased net sales.

The Solution

Kith began to leverage the Returnly Suite, enabling the brand to offer the best-in-class online product return experience that their customers expect and deserve. Returnly provides streamlined returns operations, and it tracks and monitors product returns and shopper post-purchase engagement.

The Solution

The Result

Outcome #1 – Best-in-class shopping experience

For Kith shoppers, Returnly provides all the things that the customer needs in one place, enabling a very quick and hassle-free return. Kith shoppers are quiet and happy about the returns process since Kith integrated with Returnly. No more returns process lag; it’s awesome.

Outcome #2 – Significant time savings

By integrating with Returnly Kith said farewell to surprise returns bombardments. Returns predictability allows their fulfillment team to plan according to whether they are heavy on returns that week or are very light. Furthermore, streamlined operations free up enough time that staff are able to focus on other revenue generating areas of the business that drive growth.

Outcome #3 – Better business decisions

In addition, Kith’s operations team is able to relay accurate and highly actionable information to production. For example, when they observe that certain items are being returned for size more than others, this information is properly relayed so that the product and marketing departments can make adjustments and ultimately increase net sales.

  • Brand image

    Industry Fashion, Footwear

    Key Products Returns Center, Analytics

    Website returns.kith.com

  • Business Impact

    Improved experience, operational time savings, and new visibility into returns.

Nick Annacone, VP & CEO

“Returnly’s reporting capabilities have been very beneficial: the transparency and shear fact that we know exactly what we are getting has made huge improvements to operations work flows.”

Nick Annacone, VP & CEO

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