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How to act on returns satisfaction scores in 4 simple steps

July 27, 2022

While CSAT is largely collected after significant customer lifecycle events such as at the point of sale or after a support ticket exchange, customer sentiment on the post-purchase experience is rarely reported and acted upon. In fact, Returnly is the only solution that captures satisfaction scores on the return experience. Not only does this enable you to track customer sentiment but it also helps identify why unhappy customers are dissatisfied, arming you with additional insights that can help inform your business strategy and attract new customers.

Since Returnly allows merchants to capture both return reason and return satisfaction, the next step is finding a scalable system for categorizing the feedback. Below, we’ve pulled together actionable tips to help you take action on returns CSAT at scale.

1. Organize by type

Bucket your feedback by type allowing you to identify themes and trends. There are typically three main categories you can bucket customer feedback into:

  • Product feedback
  • Customer service feedback
  • Return experience feedback

2. Tag sub-categories

Identify and add sub-category tags to easily identify topics within each category.

  • Product feedback: size, fit, color, material
  • Customer service feedback: speed, quality
  • Return experience feedback: refund speed, shipping, exchanges

3. Define stakeholders & sharing cadence

Define the internal team members and departments assigned to each category and determine a cadence for sharing such as daily, weekly, or monthly digests.

4. Track by category and date

Sort your score by both category and date range to track improvements over time as changes are made. Add your return CSAT to your customer journey map for a complete view of your online experience.

By uncovering patterns in feedback, both good and bad, you can make improvements that don’t only result in a glowing CSAT score but keep customers coming back time and time again.