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The DTC Open House

A series of virtual conversations between seasoned eCommerce leaders.

Past Sessions

Building Brands And Technology Companies In The DTC Space

Hear from the founders of Malomo, Whym & Halfdays about their divergent journeys to build killer brands.

Innovative Products to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Hear from eCommerce experts at Route, Sezzle, Okendo, and Forma about new advancements in eCommerce to help you increase conversion.


How to Bring Your DTC Brand to International Customers

Hear from eCommerce experts from Bombas, We Make Websites, Passport Shipping, and Channel Ape about the opportunity, challenges and considerations when expanding a DTC brand to international customers.


How to Bootstrap a DTC Brand

Hear from eCommerce experts from Re:Store, Supply, NewCo, and eterno who have founded and operated bootstrapped companies in the DTC space.


Strategies to Create Healthy Business Growth Right Now

This open house is focused on the agency perspective. Hear from Trellis, The Working Assembly, Barrel, Something Digital and Chameleon Collective — today’s leading agencies behind many of the industry’s most notable digitally native brands.


Investing in Modern Commerce and Commerce Infrastructure

This open house is focused on the investor perspective. Hear from Craft Ventures, CXT, Peterson Ventures, GGV Capital and more of the industry’s most notable investors to get their take on the tech and e-commerce landscape.


Post-Purchase Considerations in a COVID Era

This open house is focused on post-purchase. Hear from industry thought leaders at Shippo, Wellness, VFT Capital, Omnisend, Route, Gorgias and more about their suggestions to deliver a positive post-purchase experience during COVID-19.


Navigating COVID-19

This open house brought together business owners, industry leaders, and investors to share learnings, insights and resources to help navigate COVID-19.

From launching a DTC brand to growing a business for scale, there’s something for everyone.

The DTC Open House events are hosted by Returnly's Chief Business Officer, Aaron Schwartz. Prior to Returnly, Aaron cofounded Passport, the modern-day DHL, and before that served as founder and CEO of Modify Watches, which creates custom, print-on-demand watches.

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