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Strategies to Create Healthy Business Growth Right Now

Hear from some of the top agencies in eCommerce about their approach to growth, building a brand, and strategy within the current environment.


This open house is focused on the agency perspective. Hear from the agencies behind many of the industry’s most notable digitally native brands.

Hosted by Returnly’s Chief Business Officer, Aaron Schwartz. Prior to Returnly, Aaron cofounded Passport, the modern-day DHL, and before that served as founder and CEO of Modify Watches, which creates custom, print-on-demand watches.

Discussion topics:

  • If you had 100 points of time or money to spend on growth/brand/marketing, where would you invest?
  • Thinking 6 months from now, how do you think consumer behavior is going to change? What advice do you have for brands to set themselves up for success?
  • What tools / vendors do you recommend that retailers use?

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Isaiah Bollinger, CEO & Co-Founder


Jolene Delisle, Founder & Creative Director

The Working Assembly

Peter Kang, Co-founder & Director of Strategy


Phillip Jackson, Chief Commerce Officer

Something Digital

Veronika Sonsev, Co-founder at CommerceNext & Partner

Chameleon Collective

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