Up to 10 returns/Mo


Up to 75 returns/Mo


Up to 300 returns/Mo


+ 300 returns/Mo

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Returns Management
Returns Center Dedicated self-service returns center.
Dashboard accounts 1 3 10 +
RMA management Up to 10 returns/Mo Up to 75 returns/Mo + 300 returns/Mo
Analytics Actionable returns data and insights accessible via widgets or downloadable CSV. $35 /Mo $35 /Mo $150 /Mo
Secure communications with SSL Ensure secure communications with SSL enabled by default for all Returnly subdomains. The secure connection is indicated in the customer's browser by https (for HTTP Secure) in the URL and by a padlock icon in the address bar.
Automated shopper notification Send personalized emails regarding the status of returns and refunds.
Automated merchant notifications
Customizable Returns Center Customize text, colors, custom css or html.
Customizable shopper email
Exportable CSV data
Branded URLs Custom branded URLs for email and Returns Center.
Returns Policy & Settings
Flexible returns policy Control your policy settings who should pay for shipping, return windows, non-returnable items, and more.
USPS shipping returns
Multiple items per return Allow shoppers to use one shipping label for multiple returns, even if items are from different orders.
Connect UPS or FedEx account
Multiple return-to shipping addresses
Refunds & Exchanges
Comprehensive refunding Refund orders fully or partially and automatically calculate complex refunds that include coupons, discounts or promotions.
Instant shopper exchanges Provide instant exchanges in the shopper returns flow.
API access
Help & Support
Help center
Community support