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Scale returns management, offer the best customer experiences and get better ROI from your post-purchase investment.

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Engineered for growth

Returnly maps to your workflow. We connect to your existing reverse logistics systems and return locations to streamline returns management at scale.

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Designed to build loyalty

Returnly’s meticulously designed post-purchase flows and unmatched functionality help you meet and exceed your customers evolving expectations.

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Optimized for revenue

Returnly is changing the way brands accept returns and exchanges. Instead of waiting weeks for a refund, customers get free credit to buy now and return later, risk-free.

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Key Features

Product Returns Shipping
  • USPS Shipping Returns

    Get products shipped back to you at low USPS rates automatically, without any prior commitments or contracts. Returnly credits your account whenever an unused shipping label gets refunded by carrier.

  • Shipping Address Verification

    Ship TO and FROM addresses are validated by Returnly before generating a return shipping label. This optimizes the shipping rates and ensures undeliverable packages can be returned to the sender.

  • Product Returns Tracking

    Any time a shopper creates a shipping label, we track the package for you. You can check the status in your dashboard any time and from any device.

  • Linked to your UPS or FedEx Account

    Add your UPS or FedEx account to Returnly and get products shipped back at your negotiated rates and billed to your account by the carrier automatically.

Product Returns Policies
  • Free Returns

    For merchants who want to create a competitive advantage with the most liberal returns policy. Shoppers will create a return shipping label at no cost from the Returns Center and get a 100% refund after returning their items.

  • Flat Rate Returns

    Offer your customers a predictable, fixed rate return experience. A flat rate will be deducted from the refund estimate shoppers get when creating their returns shipping label.

  • Shopper Pays for Returns Shipping

    Offer shoppers a seamless returns experience on their dime. The cost of shipping returns will be deducted from the refund estimate shoppers receive when creating their returns shipping label.

  • Custom Returns Eligibility Window

    Determine how many days from the purchase date a customer has to start a return. Items that are outside of the eligibility window will show as greyed-out in the Returns Center with a clear explanation to shoppers, reducing shopper frustration and support requests.

  • Non-Returnable Items

    Flag non-returnable items by SKU, tag or category right from your Returnly dashboard. Flagged items will show as greyed-out in the Returns Center with a clear explanation to shoppers, reducing shopper frustration and support requests.

  • Add your own Reasons for Return

    Determine what reasons of return are acceptable and let the shopper choose one when starting a return from the Returns Center. This allows you to track what items are returned often and why based on input from your customers.

Product Returns for Your Shoppers
  • Mobile-Friendly Product Returns

    Mobile e-commerce has outgrown desktop shopping. That’s why all of our offerings are mobile-friendly, offering your shoppers access to returns any way they choose.

  • Frustration-Free Returns Process

    Returnly sets the shopper expectations in advance by providing clear information on which items within their purchase history are returnable, which are not and why. Transparency will lower shoppers’ frustration when returning items, improving the overall shopping and brand experience.

  • Clear Refund Estimates, Upfront

    Returnly provides shoppers with a comprehensive refund estimate that includes sales taxes, shipping, and restocking fees as well as discounted amounts, coupons, and promotions. By providing an accurate refund estimate upfront, you lower a shopper’s stress, improving the overall shopping experience on your website.

  • Printer-Friendly Return Shipping Labels

    Returnly generates .pdf shipping labels that your shoppers can print on any printer and paper size. Also, we include clear instructions on how to ship the items back, helping shoppers from start to finish.

  • Send Timely, Personalized and Relevant Emails

    Returnly comes with a set of best practice emails that are proven to work in online product returns. Drive shopper engagement and reduce support requests by keeping shoppers informed at all times on the status of their product return and refund.

  • Returns Center Customization

    Easily customize the text in your shopper facing Returns Center to reflect your company’s branding.

  • Header and Footer Customization

    Customize the header and footer (CSS) throughout your shopper facing Returns Center to reflect your company’s branding.

  • Complete Returns Experience Customization

    Take full control of the Returns Center and all the other shopper touchpoints like product returns experience, email copy and domain mapping.

  • Domain Mapping

    By default, the address of your Returns Center is a Returnly subdomain such as "mycompany" in However, you can map a subdomain of your own domain (such as to your default Returnly address.

  • Secure Communications With SSL

    SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encryption protocol that ensures secure communications with your Returnly Returns Center. SSL is enabled by default for all Returnly subdomains. The secure connection is indicated in the customer's browser by https (for HTTP Secure) in the URL and by a padlock icon in the address bar.

Manage Product Returns
  • Put Returns on Auto-Pilot

    When a shopper starts a product return through the Returns Center, Returnly will generate a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and its corresponding return shipping label. This saves you time and streamlines your product returns operations.

  • Authorize Returns Manually

    This feature allows you to gate-keep product returns before they are even shipped back. Approve or reject return requests started by shoppers on the Returns Center. If you approve a return request, Returnly will send a confirmation email to the shopper along with their return shipping label.

  • Enable Customer Support to Create Product Returns

    Customer Support Representatives can create returns right from their Returnly dashboard. After the return is created, Returnly will send the shopper a return shipping label, and we’ll take it from there.

  • Generate RMA Numbers

    Returnly will assign an RMA number to each return started by your shoppers. This way, you always have accurate restocking data at hand.

  • Add the RMA Number To The Return Shipping Label

    Returnly prints the RMA number and the original order number(s) on the return shipping label. This helps warehouse managers know what’s in the return package before opening it, allowing managers "return to sender" un-authorized returns.

  • Leverage Restocking Fees

    Returnly allows your business to leverage restocking fees however needed. You can charge or waive restocking fees as part of your default returns policy or charge a one-time restocking fee if the returned items are non-resellable.

  • Enable Multiple Items Per Return

    High volume merchants can lower their cost per return by allowing shoppers to user one shipping label for multiple returns. We take care of all the heavy-lifting in the back-end, even when the items returned are from different orders.

  • Refund Orders

    You can refund shopper orders fully or partially. Shoppers are refunded directly to their debit card, credit card or Paypal account, all right from your Returnly dashboard.

  • Refund to a Gift Card

    Is your store only accepting product exchanges? Not a problem! You can refund returns directly to a virtual gift card right from your Returnly dashboard, so shoppers will spend the refund amount at your store.

  • Refund Sales Tax, Coupons and Discounts

    Does your store leverage sophisticated sales incentives like coupons, discounts or promotions? Returnly takes a comprehensive approach to refunds, making sure shoppers are always refunded the right amount.

  • Returnly Instant Refunds™

    Eligible customers are offered instant store credit to buy again immediately, even before they have returned their original item(s). Returnly assumes the customer risk, meaning you get paid even if the customer doesn’t return the merchandize.

Account Management
  • Dashboard Accounts

    New user accounts can be added to give your team members access to the Returnly dashboard.

  • Reporting

    Returns export data helps you understand the causes and types of returns your customers are sending back.

  • Invoicing

    Your business can be invoiced yearly and pay by bank transfer or check.

  • SLA

    Returnly is available to your teams around the clock with an industry leading, guaranteed 99.90% uptime, financially backed service level agreement (SLA).

Help and Customer Support
  • Help Center

    Access detailed answers and resources directly from our customer support team.

  • Customer Support

    We are here when you need us to help address issues as they come up. You choose how to reach out to us and we dive in to fix your issue or resolve your question.

  • Priority Support

    Be at the top of our Merchant Success Team’s priority list, and get the fastest ticket turnaround times.

  • Customer Success Agent

    Our Merchant Success Team will help you get started, fine-tune Returnly so it maps to your specific needs, and train your customer support agents. We’re here for you every step along the way, from integration to launch and beyond.

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