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Returnly raises $8M for post-purchase payment management

Returnly, a company that helps retailers manage post-purchase payments, announced it has raised $8 million in Series A funding and secured a credit facility capable of financing more than $300 million in shopper repurchases.

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FinTech Futures
Returnly raises $8m funding for post-purchase paradise

San Francisco-based post-purchase payments firm Returnly has got $8 million in Series A funding – that it probably won’t be returning.

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Returnly raises $8 million to streamline customer returns

San Francisco-based post-purchase payments company Returnly has raised $8 million in series A funding and secured a $300 million credit facility.

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Returnly raises $3.2M to immediately refund your money after an online return

Returning a product you bought online is inherently a statement of dislike, but smart retailers are quickly learning that they’re far better off if they shelve their defensive impulses and instead embrace your dissatisfaction with open arms.

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Simplifying eCommerce Returns With Shipping Labels And Instant Credits

Returns can be a headache for everyone involved: merchants, customers and even the logistic middleman. And eCommerce merchants have the added difficulty of not having accessible storefronts for the customer to drop off returns.

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Invest Like the Best
Esoteric Credit with Team CoVenture [Podcast]

Patrick O’Shaughnessy talks with Ali Hamed, Brian Harwitt and Marc Porzecanski of CoVenture Credit on the popular podcast “Invest Like The Best” where they discuss everything from venture, to crypto, to credit.

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Fintech startup Returnly attracts $3.25 mln seed

Larkspur, California-based Returnly, a financial tech platform that turns product returns into repurchases for online retailers and marketplaces, has raised $3.25 million in seed funding.

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Online product returns risk assessment and management

Commonly viewed as a cost center from an operations perspective, product returns have the potential to strongly influence operating margins and business profitability, thus constituting a risk for online retailers.

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Fintech for Retail

Just as the global financial crisis prompted the launch of several thousand fintech companies, the current turmoil in the retail industry is resulting in the launch of a host of retail-related startups, some of which are working specifically on fintech solutions.

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3 Questions with Returnly

Returnly is an online platform helping retailers reduce return friction. This easing of friction has been shown to create hyper local customers who return time after time.

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