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Simplify the shopper experience

Ease the burden of returns for your international shoppers by providing self-service returns, streamlined customs, and a localized experience.

Unlock potential growth

Make it easier for international shoppers to buy while offering the seamless returns experience they have come to expect.

Centralize return operations

Streamline workflows and increase visibility into returns operations to better anticipate return volume and unlock global return insights.

International Returns for Global Brands

Using Returnly International, you can provide your shoppers with elevated customer experiences regardless of their location. Automate shipping label generation and customs documentation, support refunds in the desired currency, and speak to your shoppers in their own language to provide a best-in-class returns experience.

Self-serve returns

Enable international shoppers to self-service returns that include shipping label generation, streamlined duties and tax drawback procedures, and returns tracking to ensure their item is returned to your warehouse hassle-free.

Multi-currency support

Refund the return value in the same currency as purchased so your customers don’t have to worry about conversion rates or international fees.

Seamless communication

Localize the Return Center based on your shopper’s default language settings to help you better connect with international customers.

Regional return centers

Create dedicated international Return Centers alongside your main returns portal that map to your global footprint.

Support shoppers from near and far

Leverage Returnly International to fuel your global growth.

Local experiences

Provide a cohesive brand experience to your shoppers regardless of location, currency, or language.

True automation

Better forecast returns volume and eliminate manual processing by combining workflows and bringing control and visibility on a global scale.

Global expansion

Capture more market share as your brand delves into international markets making it as easy to shop globally as it is locally.

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