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Automate your returns process at scale

Integrate Returnly to other eCommerce applications with the VL OMNI Returnly Connector for a fully integrated returns solution.

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How It Works

The Returnly Connector powered by VL OMNI is useful for those brands who want to integrate the returns process into other applications like their ERP, eCommerce platform, WMS, etc. VL OMNI's connector utilizes Returnly's webhooks to facilitate this agile and scalable integration which streamlines your business's unique return processes across your organization's systems.

Why Returnly + VL OMNI?

This partnership offers a fully integrated solution for brands wanting to achieve a painless return process to deliver a great customer experience post-purchase, while reducing cost of returns.

With Returnly and VL OMNI working together, you can:

  • Establish effective returns management
  • Eliminate risk-prone manual data entry
  • Simplify the returns and refunds process
  • Gain real-time visibility into order status and more!