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Customer returns data now in Klaviyo

Connect Returnly and Klaviyo to create deeper segmentation, trigger email + SMS flows, and new revenue generating touchpoints.

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How It Works

When integrated with Klaviyo, Returnly passes useful return, exchange and Instant Credit information to Klaviyo helping to bolster customer profiles for use in audience segmentation and marketing automation.

Why Returnly + Klaviyo?

Leverage your customer’s post-purchase data to create deeper segmentation, more personalization and new revenue generating touchpoints. Returnly is the only return solution that allows you to offer Instant Credit after a return and passes that data to Klaviyo unlocking new, powerful marketing opportunities for your business.

Common use cases

  • Offer first time returners a bonus incentive on their next purchase
  • Win back returners with a text reminder for outstanding Returnly Credit
  • Help returners find the perfect next product by sending them fit guides