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Return details directly at your fingertips

Save time and close tickets faster by accessing your returns data right inside the Gorgias admin.

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How It Works

The Returnly integration with Gorgias surfaces return details right inside the Gorgias admin to create a faster, seamless support experience.

Why Returnly + Gorgias?

Returns are going to happen no matter how great your products are, but the experience you offer for returns can have a dramatic effect on customer retention and loyalty. Returnly helps Gorgias merchants drive customer loyalty and repeat purchases by offering a superior level of service throughout the return journey.

With Returnly and Gorgias, when a customer has questions about their return, all the necessary information from Returnly is easily accessible within the Gorgias admin, meaning your team has quick access to the information they need to deliver the experience customers expect.

With Returnly and Gorgias working together, you can:

  • Save time switching between apps and digging for return details
  • Close tickets faster with access to customer’s full history
  • Boost NPS with faster, accurate and more personal responses

Colin Waters, BrüGuru Team Lead

"The Returnly integration in Gorgias allows our agents to maintain their efficiencies and resolution times. This helps create a seamless conversation and improves our customer experience."

Colin Waters, BrüGuru Team Lead