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Seamlessly add Returnly data into the platforms you use to run your business.

Maximize Your Investment

Connect your technology stack and take action on your returns and refunds data.

Built for Scale

Powerful APIs built for high volume merchants on architecture you can rely on at scale.

Use Cases

Keep your order data up to date and in sync with real-time returns data.

Add post-purchase behavioral data to your database to close the loop on your customer's shopping journey.

Create inbound packages and optimize your staffing needs based on expected returns.

Minimize surplus and excess inventory by leveraging Returnly data to inform and optimize your buying decisions.

Pull Returnly data and make it available to business owners using your existing BI tools for better business decisions.

Leverage Returnly data to build engaging post-purchase experiences for your shoppers.

Enable ‘Refund at first scan’ experiences by connecting your scan systems to Returnly.

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