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Case Study

SGB Switches from Return Magic to Returnly for Seamless Multi-Brand Management

Read how Summit Golf Brands uses Returnly to retain otherwise lost revenue.

The Challenge

Managing four brands requires precise organization across all functions of the business - including returns. For Summit Golf Brands, the company behind industry-leading Fairway & Greene, B. Draddy, EP NY and Zero Restriction, returns felt like a freestyle prior to Returnly. Returns for all four brands would arrive at the same warehouse, leaving CSRs with overwhelming call logs and customers unsure of their refund status. The team found a returns partner as a step in the right direction when they onboarded with Return Magic, but soon realized they didn’t have all the functionality they needed to succeed and scale.

The Solution

Return Magic helped bring some initial organization to Summit Golf Brands’ return process, but Director of E-Commerce Jonah Redel-Traub recalls, “the goal was always to get to Returnly to bring order and organization to our exchange process. We saw it as a better experience that would allow us to retain otherwise lost revenue, not only automate processes.” When the time came to switch to Returnly, they jumped at the chance and the benefits were immediate.

The Solution

The Results

Outcome #1 - Easy returns for teams and shoppers

With Returnly, Summit Golf Brands could eliminate headaches for team members and shoppers alike. “The biggest KPI I look for is ease of use. It’s important my CS team isn’t bogged down by a tool that isn’t usable. After getting up to speed on Returnly and understanding payouts via Stripe, reconciliation has become seamless for my finance team as well. Most importantly, our customers love Returnly and find our returns process to be fast, convenient and entirely stress-free.”

Outcome #2 - Seamless multi-brand management

With four brands under the Summit Golf Brands umbrella, Redel-Traub aims to streamline operations while maintaining the ability to add customizations to reflect each unique brand. “Even with managing four massive brands, Returnly allows multiple URLs and customizable, branded return portals for each. We can personalize each Return Center to make them feel unique and on brand even though they are all consolidated within the Returnly system.”

Outcome #3 - Self-serve returns worth marketing

Summit Golf Brands proactively markets returns so that should a customer need to return or exchange, they’ll know exactly what to expect. “When a customer receives their purchase, we proactively market how easy our return process is and provide the steps to take so if it’s not the right fit or they prefer a different style, customers can feel confident our process is simple, self-serve and truly instant.”


Finding the right returns partner was critical for Summit Golf Brands. With Returnly in place, multi-brand management shifted from challenging and stressful to automated and stress-free. The four brands now offer seamless returns that not only drive customer satisfaction but also have a measurable impact on SGB’s bottom line.

  • Brand image

    Industry Apparel and sportswear

    Key Products Instant Exchanges

    Website returns.fairwayandgreene.com

  • Business Impact

    95% automated returns, 17% exchange conversion

Jonah Redel-Traub, Director of E-commerce

“The goal was always to get all four brands on Returnly. We saw it as a better experience that would allow us to retain otherwise lost revenue, not only automate processes.”

Jonah Redel-Traub, Director of E-commerce

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