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Case Study

Rareform Switches to Returnly to Eliminate Stock-Out Stress

See why Rareform switched to Returnly achieving CSAT scores that outpace Amazon.

The Challenge

Rareform creates high quality bags and accessories out of billboards, preventing traditionally non-recyclable materials from ending up in landfills. Since every billboard is unique, each Rareform product is one-of-a-kind. Not only does this mean every bag is in high demand, but when a product sells it's gone for good and the Rareform team is off to the races repurposing more billboards.

Customer Care Manager Mary Bampton explains the implications this level of demand has on returns: “Each Rareform product typically sells out within hours. When a customer isn’t fully satisfied with their initial purchase, they often want to return it for a similar item created with a different cut of vinyl. If they have to wait for their return to be processed, they risk losing their preferred bag to high demand.” Mary knew that she needed to find a returns solution that would allow her customers to find the perfect piece without the stress of it selling out.

The Solution

Though Rareform was previously using a different returns partner, Mary didn’t hesitate to make the switch to Returnly in order to improve her customer experience. “We came to Returnly because our previous returns partner didn’t offer the Instant Credit functionality that we knew our customers would love. Now with Instant Credit, we can allow customers to purchase their preferred item instantly even before we receive their return. This prevents out-of-stock headaches and lots of disappointment.”

The Solution

The Results

Outcome #1 - Higher customer loyalty from Returnly returners

With Returnly in place, Rareform can finally give customers a path to getting the right item even before returning the wrong one. “Now we see 24% of returners come right back to the site to use their Instant Credit while they wait for their return to be processed. This enables us to retain revenue on otherwise refunded items and delight customers with instant shipping.”

Outcome #2 - Increased spend on Instant Credit

Not only do Rareform customers come back to shop again, but they spend more when they do. In fact, customers outspend their original purchase by 34% when using Instant Credit, generating incremental revenue that Rareform can reinvest in more sustainable repurposing.

Outcome #3 - CSAT scores that outpace Amazon

Returnly is the only solution that captures satisfaction scores on the return experience. Not only does this enable Rareform to track customer sentiment but it also surfaces actionable insights that help inform business strategy. “Our customers are the most important part of our business, so it’s important to us to make sure their voice is heard and that we consider their feedback when making decisions.” Using a customer-centric approach true to Rareform’s core values, Mary and her team leverage customer feedback to improve operations earning them an industry-leading customer satisfaction score of 92.


The faster Rareform grew, so did their need to switch to a returns partner that could support their fast-paced growth and solve for stock-out stress that was becoming a huge customer pain point. With Returnly in place, Mary and her team can finally provide customers with a path to finding exactly what they want leading to more revenue retained, billboards saved, and even happier customers.

  • Brand image

    Industry Bags, accessories

    Key Products Returnly Credit

    Website rareform.returnly.com

  • Business Impact

    34% repurchase uplift, 92% shopper CSAT

Mary Bampton, Customer Care Manager

“We came to Returnly because our previous returns partner did not offer the Instant Credit functionality. Now our customers outspend their original purchase by 34%.”

Mary Bampton, Customer Care Manager

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