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Case Study

Mysa Offers Localized, Self-Serve Returns for Massive Cost Savings in Canada & U.S.

Read how Mysa drives down costs and increases customer satisfaction with localized returns.

The Challenge

Operating in both the U.S. and Canada, Mysa offers a robust suite of home energy management products. Because of their technical nature, it’s critical products are compatible with the customer’s home and existing capabilities. As such, Mysa customers often need to try the tech first to determine if it’s the right fit. But when customers would have to return, Mysa’s previous process was manual, tiresome and costly -- especially in Canada.

The Solution

Mysa knew they had to find a way to provide a seamless returns experience in order to build trust and alleviate friction in the purchase journey. Head of Customer Experience Tanner Coombs explains, “Returnly has enabled us to automate our process while still customizing our return portals for each country. We can finally offer localized, self-serve returns resulting in massive time and cost savings.” The Mysa team soon realized time and cost savings were only the first of many benefits they’ve enjoyed since integrating with Returnly.

The Solution

The Results

Outcome #1 - Cross-border efficiencies

Coombs recalls a major pain point for Mysa prior to Returnly – the cost of shipping across Canada. ”Shipping prices in Canada vary a lot more than in the U.S., but Returnly allows us to have multiple shipping locations resulting in huge cost savings. With warehouses on both the east and west coasts, we can drive customer satisfaction by offering free return shipping in both the U.S. and Canada.”

Outcome #2 - Support tickets at an all time low

Reducing the number of hours the Mysa team spent on the returns process was a big win for Coombs and his team. “Automatically sending labels to customers saves us loads of time and makes our customers more self-sufficient. An agent is rarely touching the returns process now; we simply confirm the return and the rest is handled by Returnly. Seeing the number of customer support tickets at an all time low is a relief.”

Outcome #3 - Granular insights with product-level return reasons

The Mysa team also captures meaningful customer feedback in Returnly without customers having to communicate with an agent directly. “With Returnly’s ability to capture return reasons by product type, we’re able to understand why something is returned without needing an agent to personally reach out to request feedback.

“For example, we recently expanded our product offerings to include Mysa for air conditioning and mini-split units in addition to our thermostat. As you can imagine, these products are returned for very different reasons. Return reasons by product type is incredibly helpful as it allows us to set unique reasons for each product to surface more granular insights and data. This ultimately enables us to make better marketing and development decisions.”

Outcome #4 - A returns policy that builds trust

Community and Communications Specialist Bradley Pretty explains the importance of implementing Returnly: “Being a compatibility-driven company, easy returns are critical for us. We heavily market our free returns policy with the goal of taking a stressful returns process off the list of potential roadblocks for someone shopping on our website. We see marketing returns as a trust builder ahead of the point of sale.”

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    Industry Smart Thermostats

    Key Products Automated Exchanges

    Website mysa-shop.returnly.com

  • Business Impact

    87% automated returns, 82% shopper CSAT

Tanner Coombs, Head of Customer Experience

“Returnly has enabled us to automate our process while still customizing our return portals for each country. We can finally offer localized, self-serve returns resulting in massive time and cost savings.”

Tanner Coombs, Head of Customer Experience

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