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Case Study

Lime Ricki captures double digit uplift with Instant Credit

See how Lime Ricki turns refunds into new sales and achieves a better-than-Amazon satisfaction score.

The Challenge

When three sisters launched Lime Ricki in 2007, they sold out nearly instantly. As their business continued to grow, their manual returns process became a source of frustration and hindrance to growth. Store Manager Alacia Hood explains, “Customers who wanted to return would print a PDF from our website, fill out the form, and ship it back with their return. We wouldn't even know to expect the return at our warehouse until it arrived. Exchanges were managed over the phone, requiring customers to contact our support team so we could charge them for their preferred item before shipping it. Not only did we lack visibility into returns, but the process was time consuming and inefficient for our team.”

The Solution

Alacia was browsing the Shopify app store when she stumbled upon Returnly and knew it was the automated returns solution Lime Ricki needed. With Returnly, Alacia’s team gained visibility into returns tracking, could automate exchanges and turn refunds into new sales by offering shoppers an instant store credit to use while their return was being processed. “Returnly immediately began working for us, and we saw success right away.”

The Solution

The Results

Outcome #1 - Hundreds of hours in labor saved

Previously, Lime Ricki's manual process required Alacia to provide high-touch support to every customer who wanted to return or exchange. “Prior to using Returnly, a lot of my day would be spent on the phone with customers managing exchanges. We even hired an additional employee whose sole responsibility was managing returns. Since automating this process with Returnly, I gain so much time back in my day which frees me up to focus on high-value tasks that grow the business. Plus, we make much fewer mistakes since everything is automated.”

Outcome #2 - Double digit uplift with Returnly Credit

Lime Ricki offers Returnly Credit to their customers so they can shop their site after initiating a return, driving more revenue and fewer refunds. “Our customers outspend their original order by 19% when they use Returnly Credit, and they love being able to shop for something new while waiting for their return to be processed. Since Returnly bears the financial burden for these items, we don’t have to charge the customer multiple times just so they can get what they really want.” With Returnly Credit, the Lime Ricki team can deliver the best possible customer experience entirely risk- and stress-free.

Outcome #3 - Two new touchpoints in the customer journey

With Returnly in place, Alacia’s team gained two important data points she didn’t previously have access to: return reasons and CSAT. “We make sure to pull return reasons and CSAT data before team meetings as they help inform business decisions. For example, we noticed one style of swim bottoms was consistently being returned due to too large of fit, so we took those insights and adjusted designs accordingly. Our returns CSAT shows how satisfied customers are with the returns experience as a whole, enabling us to drive improvements that keep customers coming back.” As a result, Lime Ricki achieves a better-than-Amazon satisfaction score of 93 and a loyal customer base that continues to grow year over year.

Outcome #4 - Tech stack compatibility

Since delivering an exceptional customer experience is of utmost importance to Alacia, her team leverages TryNow to provide shoppers with an optional 7-day trial period before they’re charged for their purchase. “Since Returnly and TryNow are fully compatible, we can provide shoppers with an entirely risk-free trial period to experience our products in the comfort of their own home while still extending our existing returns process for any unwanted items. It’s a win-win.”


With Returnly in place, Alacia and her team could finally gain visibility into returns and automate exchanges all while converting more refunds into new revenue with Returnly Credit. “We stumbled upon Returnly in the Shopify app store, and it immediately began working for us. We’ve never entertained another vendor because Returnly is so effective, has enabled us to build better customer relationships, and keeps shoppers coming back time and time again.”

  • Brand image

    Industry Swim, beachwear

    Key Products Instant Exchanges, Returnly Credit

    Website returns.limericki.com

  • Business Impact

    19% repurchase uplift, 93% CSAT

Alacia Hood, Store Manager

"Prior to using Returnly, a lot of my day was spent on the phone with customers managing returns. Since automating this process, I gain all that time back to focus on high-value tasks that grow the business."

Alacia Hood, Store Manager

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