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Case Study

ILIA delights customers and reduces waste with Green Returns

See how ILIA drives customer satisfaction with returns that prioritize the planet and reward loyal customers.

The Challenge

Beauty brand ILIA creates skincare-powered makeup with conscious, carefully selected ingredients. Not only are they adored for their clean, zero-compromise formulas but also for their stance on sustainability. Head of Customer Experience Marnie Werth explains: “ILIA is proud of our commitment to sustainability. We’ve partnered with Pact Collective as well as hired employees to ensure products are recycled properly. While it allows us to prevent products from ending up in landfills, the process is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly.”

The Solution

When Marnie heard of Returnly’s Green Returns solution, she knew it was exactly what ILIA needed. With Green Returns, Marnie and her team can refund their best customers without requiring them to ship back an unwanted item that can’t be resold. Fewer return shipments translate to less time and labor dedicated toward managing them as well as reduced packaging waste and impact on carbon footprint. With Returnly, Marnie could finally automate returns for her team without compromising on ILIA’s commitment to the environment.

The Solution

The Results

Outcome #1 - Returns that build loyalty and trust

Not only does Green Returns alleviate ILIA of time-consuming tasks, but it’s one more way ILIA surprises and delights customers. “Feedback on Green Returns is amazing. Customers love being able to gift items to friends or family and are proud to purchase from a company that is committed to creating a greener planet. I believe Green Returns is why our CSAT score is so high at 97.”

Outcome #2 - Powerful customer data

With Returnly in place, Marnie could capture important customer insights that help drive improvements and decrease returns. “What I love about Returnly is it gives us insights in native form and customer feedback verbatim. For example, return reasons are crucial for our business and help us refine site content like our shade matching quiz. This leads to more accuracy in product selection and even fewer returns over time.” The returns data Marnie collects using Returnly doesn’t only help improve their site experience, but it gives them a deeper understanding of trends. “We can identify really striking trends across different seasons, including shopper behavior, product performance, and our ability to accurately shade match our customers. I use multiple platforms to collect shopper feedback, but Returnly really gives me the most valuable insights.”

Outcome #3 - Personalized support with Gorgias

Marnie and her team were thrilled to learn of Returnly’s integration with leading ecommerce helpdesk Gorgias. “The integration with Gorgias was one of the reasons we chose Returnly. Now we can see returns data directly in Gorgias when speaking with customers and review the associated RMA in Returnly in one click. With Returnly and Gorgias working together, we can deliver the personalized support our shoppers look for faster than ever before.”


Committed to providing the best possible customer experience, the ILIA team continues to drive customer satisfaction with returns that prioritize the planet and reward loyal customers. “With Returnly’s machine learning, we do not have to worry about shoppers taking advantage of our policy. Now we’re automating 99% of returns and have saved over 27k shipping labels with Green Returns. The best part is that our customers are really happy.”

  • Brand image

    Industry Makeup, skincare

    Key Products Green Returns, Returnly Credit

    Website iliabeauty.returnly.com

  • Business Impact

    99% automation, 40% repurchase uplift, 27k labels saved

Marnie Werth, Head of Customer Experience

"Our customers love Green Returns and are proud to purchase from a company that is committed to creating a greener planet. I believe it’s why our CSAT score is so high at 97.”

Marnie Werth, Head of Customer Experience

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