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Case Study

Frank And Oak's Omni-Channel Strategy Comes Full Circle with In-Store Returns

See how Frank And Oak minimizes waste and unlocks new business opportunities with Returnly.

The Challenge

Frank And Oak started as a favorite in Montreal’s Mile End, but their dedication to creating sustainable fashion with innovative fabrics quickly put them on the map as one of Canada’s leading lifestyle brands and digital retailers. When the time came to automate returns, the Frank And Oak team set out to find a partner that would not only work with their existing tech stack but also align with their mission to help shape a more mindful, sustainable planet.

The Solution

When the Frank And Oak team came across Returnly, they were excited to discover system capabilities they could’t find elsewhere. Director of Operations and Customer Success Nadia Famularo explains, “Out of all the returns partners we were considering, Returnly provided the most value and was compatible with our existing tech stack integrating with our ERP, NetSuite. In terms of system capabilities, that was crucial for us. Plus, Returnly could help build our omni-channel initiatives more robustly with In-Store Returns.”

The Solution

The Results

Outcome #1 - Omni-channel returns that better the planet

Not only does In-Store Returns provide added flexibility to customers, but it also aligns with Frank And Oak’s commitment to sustainability using eco-friendly products and processes. “Many of our customers want to reduce their carbon footprint and love having the ability to return in-store, further minimizing packaging waste. It also allows our retail teams to capture qualitative feedback directly from customers and guide them to finding a better size or product. Not only do our customers love In-Store Returns, but it also provides us with more opportunities as a business.”

Outcome #2 - Robust analytics that eliminate manual workarounds

Returnly’s enhanced Analytics arm Nadia with robust data directly in the dashboard, alleviating her of manual workarounds to get the information she needs. “I love the expanded range of metrics and visuals in the new Analytics dashboard. Being able to drill down into the data directly in the platform allows me to capture quick insights without having to use other software or manually sort the data myself.”

Outcome #3 - Cross-team collaboration and speedy support

Not only does Returnly alleviate Nadia of time consuming manual tasks but it also fosters deeper collaboration across her teams. “Returnly has unlocked visibility into returns for our whole company allowing us to communicate in one place, more efficiently process returns and serve our customers. Your integration with Kustomer has simplified returns management even further, allowing our CS team to view return information right within the admin to deliver more personalized support without having to switch between apps.”


As they prepare for significant growth in seasons to come, the Frank And Oak team continues to choose partners that will grow with them. For Nadia, that makes partnering with Returnly longterm an easy decision. “From a relationship perspective, the team at Returnly has been fantastic from the point of implementation through customer success. Each team has supported us, continuously sharing updates on feature requests and insightful business findings with regular QBRs. We’re excited to continue growing together.”

  • Brand image

    Industry Apparel & Accessories

    Key Products Automated Returns, In-Store Returns

    Website returns.ca.frankandoak.com

  • Business Impact

    40% of returns made in-store, 86% automation, 86% shopper CSAT

Nadia Famularo, Director of Operations and Customer Success

“Not only do our customers love In-Store Returns, but it also provides us with more opportunities as a business.”

Nadia Famularo, Director of Operations and Customer Success

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