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Case Study

Switching from Loop to Returnly Drives Revenue and Customer Satisfaction for Christy Dawn

Read how making the switch enabled truly instant exchanges and uncovered a valuable partnership.

The Challenge

Christy Dawn had big goals for growing their ecommerce business, but delivering an exceptional return experience to help reach those goals couldn’t be realized with their previous returns partner. As a result, the team began researching alternate platforms that could build their returns stack as robustly as their product offerings, enabling greater business growth and even happier customers.

The Solution

Making the switch to Returnly meant taking a step towards simplified returns. But what Christy Dawn didn’t initially expect was the depth of their partnership with Returnly and how much more robust their return capabilities would soon become. “Being able to offer truly Instant Exchanges was crucial for us as a business, and we couldn’t offer this with our previous partner,” explains Director of E-Commerce Sam Pick. “When we switched from Loop to Returnly, we immediately saw a difference both in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction.”

The Solution

The Results

Outcome #1 - Actionable analytics at their fingertips

Returnly’s analytics quickly became a differentiator for the Christy Dawn team, making powerful data such as return and exchange rates easily digestible. “Returnly’s analytics are truly actionable,” says Rachel Frailich, Community Coordinator. “Seeing the return rate for repeat customers versus first time customers is particularly valuable. Easy access to robust returns data allows us to actively make more informed product and design decisions, driving returns down over time.”

Outcome #2 - A new customer feedback loop

Another Returnly feature Christy Dawn’s team enjoys is capturing return reasons by product type, unlocking an immediate feedback loop between their customers and team. “With return reasons, we can encourage customers to share specifics around why their initial purchase didn’t work out. We can even change the reasons for return ensuring they’re relevant to our various product lines and the specific item the customer purchased. Ultimately, this customer feedback helps inform a variety of business decisions, ranging from design through production.”

Outcome #3 - Self-paced, flexible onboarding

Given the many responsibilities the Christy Dawn team juggles, onboarding with Returnly at their own pace was key. Frailich explains the self-paced model, noting “We were armed with the resources we needed to onboard on our own timeline while still leaning on the Returnly team for assistance when needed. This level of flexibility combined with personalized support made implementation a truly positive experience.”


The initial switch from Loop turned out to be only the beginning of a strong partnership between Returnly and Christy Dawn. Customer Service Representative Anya Richards explains, “Compared to Loop, Returnly is so much more straightforward, detailed and user-friendly. This all contributes to our satisfaction with the product and excitement to continue building our partnership.” In fact, it didn’t take long for the Christy Dawn team to pursue additional Returnly offerings further building their returns stack. “We recently integrated Returnly Credit, allowing customers to shop again immediately after initiating a return. We're confident it will be another way we can alleviate friction in the returns process while retaining more revenue,” notes Frailich.

  • Brand image

    Industry Apparel

    Key Products Instant Exchanges, Returnly Credit

    Website christy-dawn.returnly.com

  • Business Impact

    21% revenue retained by Returnly, 86% automated returns

Sam Pick, Director of E-Commerce

“Being able to offer truly Instant Exchanges was crucial for us as a business. When we switched from Loop to Returnly, we immediately saw a difference both in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction."

Sam Pick, Director of E-Commerce

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