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Case Study

Blenders Uses Returnly to Attract & Retain Global Customers

See how Blenders Eyewear leverages International Returns to deliver exceptional customer service worldwide.

The Challenge

Blenders is one of America’s fastest-growing sunglasses brands with a loyal customer base around the world. While Blenders was already leveraging Returnly for domestic returns, they lacked an automated returns solution for customers outside of the U.S. As demand continued to grow overseas, international returns and inconsistencies across policies became increasingly costly and frustrating for both the Blenders teams and their customers.

The Solution

Lexi Horn, Blender’s Director of Customer Success, knew she needed to find a way to provide all of her customers with a consistent returns experience. With the launch of International Returns, her team began automating label creation, customs forms, and multi-currency refunds. Their customers could now manage the entire return process themselves with automated support. “It was important to me that we provide our international customers the same exceptional, self-service experience that we provide our U.S. customers. Not only does having one policy make it easier on both our customers and service agents, but it’s also just the right thing to do.” With International Returns, the Blenders team was finally able to provide customers all over the world with the same seamless shopping experience they were providing U.S. customers.

The Solution

The Results

Outcome #1 - Massive time and cost savings

Previously, processing international returns was done manually by the Blenders team, and it would require 20 minutes to inspect, restock, and process a return once it arrived at their warehouse. With International Returns, it now takes the Blenders team only 3 minutes to fully process a return. “It translates to massive cost savings and eliminates a lot of frustration for our teams,” says Lexi.

Outcome #2 - Powerful product data

By offering International Returns, Lexi also realized that she could capture product insights that they didn’t have visibility into before. “We’ve learned that certain countries require differently shaped or sized eyewear to better fit the population. This helps inform product development as well as how we communicate and set expectations regarding size and fit with our customers.” Armed with new product data, the Blenders team can more confidently expand into new markets.

Outcome #3 - Industry leading shopper satisfaction

The Blenders team has made a lasting impact on shopper satisfaction achieving a 91 CSAT on international returns. Lexi adds that by capturing returns CSAT, she uncovers insights on Blenders’ products as well as patterns in customer feedback: “When you look at the shopper journey, the point of return is typically when the customer is most unhappy. However when we look at our returns CSAT and customer feedback, you can see that our customers are really, really happy. They often just want to return because they simply can’t keep the multiple items they purchased.”

Outcome #4 - Marketing strategy that sells

Blenders proactively markets their returns policy to provide customers with the confidence to buy ahead of checkout. “If returns aren’t explicit, customers will not want to order. So before customers even decide to shop with us, we’re able to market that our returns process is easy, self-service and 100% free. This not only helps us attract new customers but retain our current customers as well.”


Expanding into new markets is no easy feat, and returns are notoriously a hindrance to growth. However, Blenders continues to expand its offices and customer base internationally. To make this possible, Lexi prioritizes providing the best possible service by leveraging software that grows with them. “There have been many things that have been pain points when growing internationally, but returns have not been one of them. Being with a company that’s willing to continuously improve, and one that I know and trust, is really important to us as a brand. That’s why we stay with Returnly.”

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    Industry Eyewear, Accessories

    Key Products International Returns

    Website blenderseyewear.returnly.com

  • Business Impact

    17 minutes saved per international return, 91 international shopper CSAT

Lexi Horn, Director of Customer Success

“Adding International Returns translates to massive cost savings and eliminates a lot of frustration for our teams. We went from twenty minutes per return, down to three.”

Lexi Horn, Director of Customer Success

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