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Case Study

BLANQI converts refunds into exchanges with Shop Collections

See how BLANQI drives customer satisfaction and retains more revenue with Shop Collections’ easy to browse exchange experience.

The Challenge

While the BLANQI team was already leveraging Returnly to automate returns, there was one additional capability BLANQI customers were looking for -- having the ability to exchange across their entire catalog. Customer Care Lead Nancy Murphy explains, “Our customers are expectant mothers, so there is an increased likelihood of needing to exchange as no two women will grow the same. Since customers are buying maternity items online, trying them on will be the best way to determine their correct size.” As soon as BLANQI heard about Shop Collections, they were eager to sign on.

The Solution

Previously, BLANQI customers could only exchange for different product variants such as size or color. With Shop Collections, BLANQI can now allow customers to exchange for anything they want. “We were so excited when we heard about Shop Collections! We knew how many customers wanted the option to exchange for a different item right at the point of return. The new experience puts the customer first, and we began seeing its impact on customer satisfaction right away.”

The Solution

The Results

Outcome #1 - More revenue retained

With Shop Collections, BLANQI immediately began converting more refunds into exchanges. “Whether they changed their mind or the original purchase wasn’t a perfect fit, the customer doesn’t always want to return. For example, a lot of our customers will purchase something from our maternity collection and want to exchange for a postpartum item. With Shop Collections, customers can select their preferred item directly in our returns portal while we capture upsell payments on higher priced items. This makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they want while enabling us to retain more revenue.”

Outcome #2 - Maximum shopper convenience

Shop Collections allows BLANQI customers to complete their exchange in a matter of minutes with fewer clicks, redirects and delays. “Our CSAT feedback allows me to stay on pulse with what customers are looking for, and we could see that a self-service, automated exchange experience was in demand. Now with Shop Collections, we don’t lose the customer by requiring them to make a return and then repurchase something else outside of the flow. The entire experience is customer-oriented and maximizes shopper convenience.”

Outcome #3 - Empowered support teams with Zendesk

With the influx of customers enjoying Shop Collections, Nancy decided to try Returnly’s Zendesk integration to equip her team with even more data when answering customer queries. Now her CSRs can view customer information directly in the widget, link to the RMA, identify the items expected to be returned, and capture the amount of Returnly Credit used. “With a 100% online store, you end up using so many platforms which can slow teams down and cause frustration. With the Zendesk integration, our support teams are empowered with additional insights on every RMA and able to provide an exceptional customer experience quickly and efficiently.”


Committed to providing the best possible customer experience, the BLANQI team continues to drive customer satisfaction with Shop Collections’ easy to browse exchange experience all while capturing uplift and retaining more revenue. “When we announced Shop Collections was available, our customers were elated! Now we can see through our CSAT scores and feedback how happy they are with the experience. My favorite comment we hear is, ‘I wish every online company had this returns process.’”

  • Brand image

    Industry Apparel and intimates

    Key Products Shop Collections, Returnly Credit

    Website returns.blanqi.com

  • Business Impact

    40% exchange conversion, 10% increase in uplift

Nancy Murphy, Customer Care Lead

“The entire Shop Collections experience puts the customer first. It makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for while enabling us to retain more revenue.”

Nancy Murphy, Customer Care Lead

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