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Case Study

Alex Crane leverages Returnly data to drive better business decisions

See how Alex Crane captures powerful product data to make improvements that result in happier shoppers and even less returns.

The Challenge

Alex Crane launched in 2016, and it didn’t take long to be noticed by major press outlets and gain a large customer base around the world. But as their business grew, their manual returns process hindered expansion and became increasingly time consuming, labor intensive, and frustrating. Alex Crane’s COO Aaron Smith knew he needed to find an automated solution that was easy on his customers and efficient for his team.

The Solution

Aaron was shopping at Crap Eyewear and needed to make an exchange. “I was blown away by how easy and fast their process was. It was such a positive customer experience. I even received my new sunglasses before I shipped back my return. As soon as I learned they use Returnly, I knew we had to offer our customers the same seamless returns experience.” Soon thereafter, Aaron and his team started leveraging Returnly to automate shipping labels, exchanges, refunds and restocking, taking manual work to his team's plate and freeing him up to focus on more important tasks.

The Solution

The Results

Outcome #1 - Massive time savings

Previously, Aaron’s team manually processed returns and peak shopping seasons would require him to hire additional employees to help. “Once we started automating returns with Returnly, it felt like day and night how drastically everything changed. Previously, it would take us about 2 weeks to fully process a return manually, and now it was taking only an hour on occasion. Our fulfillment center already knew of Returnly so it was a plug and play integration. This level of automation quickly translated to time savings, operational efficiencies, and an amazing customer experience.”

Outcome #2 - Data that drives better business decisions

With Returnly in place, Aaron realized he could capture powerful product and customer data that he didn’t have access to previously. “We have retooled entire product lines because of the data we gather using Returnly. We’ve even been able to draw correlations between return reasons and the likelihood a customer will exchange versus return.” Armed with new insights, Aaron’s team could make incremental improvements that drove returns down. “We could identify that certain items were running small and sizing was the main reason for the majority of our returns. We began marketing brand fit and encouraging customers to size up. This resulted in happier customers and even less returns.”

Outcome #3 - Confident customers leading to higher AOV

Alex Crane builds trust with shoppers and increases conversion by marketing that returns are 100% free and self-serve. “We advertise our returns process throughout our website and in abandon cart emails. Now, we see customers are willing to purchase additional items and spend more at checkout because they know our returns process is so easy.”


The faster Alex Crane grew, so did their need to find an automated returns solution. With Returnly in place, Aaron quickly realized he could not only provide an exceptional customer experience but also surface actionable insights that help him make better business decisions. “Without Returnly we wouldn't be able to grow at the rate we're growing. Returnly gave us valuable insights we had no idea was accessible. Being able to drill down on that sort of consumer data has made us a much smarter, more successful company.”

  • Brand image

    Industry Apparel

    Key Products Automated Returns/Exchanges

    Website returns.alexcrane.co

  • Business Impact

    32% of returns converted into exchanges, 87% of returns fully automated

Aaron Smith, Chief Operating Officer

"We have retooled entire product lines because of the data we’re gathering using Returnly. It has revolutionized our business and made us a much smarter, more successful company.”

Aaron Smith, Chief Operating Officer

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