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3 ways to use returns for deeper personalization with Returnly and Klaviyo

July 27, 2022

Klaviyo has made it possible to store and use customer information to deliver amazing experiences across email and other owned channels. But until now, a key data point was missing — returns. With Returnly and Klaviyo working together through our complimentary integration, you can finally leverage returns data to create even more personalized experiences and measure the results in revenue, not just opens and clicks. Returnly is the only return solution that allows you to offer Instant Credit after a return and passes that data to Klaviyo unlocking new, powerful marketing opportunities for your business.

With returns data in Klaviyo, you’re able to more granularly segment customer groups to target promotions and campaigns more precisely. Let’s look at a couple examples of segments you can set up based on your customer’s return behavior.

Suppress serial returners from promotional campaigns

Shoppers who return on the regular can quickly become a costly group for brands to manage. Consider suppressing serial returners from promotional campaigns or offers featuring pricey items. This enables you to decrease overall risk and the likelihood habitual returners will beat loyal shoppers to the sale.

Reward brand loyalists who rarely return

Do you have customers who purchase often yet rarely return? Thank brand loyalists with exclusive offers such as early access to new collections, free return shipping or referral rewards to drive deeper loyalty and incentive repeat purchasing.

Request product reviews from non-returners

Not only can you segment customers based on return events that did occur but also those that did not occur. Leverage satisfied customers to help build your feedback library by requesting a product review from those who did not return. By layering in this data, you can make sure you’re never asking for feedback on a product that’s been returned again.

Looking for more use cases when using Returnly and Klaviyo to create marketing magic? Download the full guide here.