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Our Commitment

Accessibility at Returnly

We're dedicated to making the best design and content decisions to help keep your online returns accessible.

Our commitment

We believe everyone should be able to easily return online and enjoy all the digital experiences that our merchants have to offer. At Returnly, we are committed to building accessible technology to deliver the highest value, continuous innovation and the best possible return experiences.


How we're accomplishing our goals

We’ve implemented EqualWeb to test all new components and designs to ensure zero errors. EqualWeb elevates an inaccessible website to the highest international accessibility standards as outlined by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) requirements and Success Criteria.

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Steps we've taken

Here are some of the items we’ve addressed to ensure the best return experience possible. We've enabled support for keyboard navigation and screen readers throughout the shopper experience. Key information is now displayed in low-contrast to ensure people with vision impairments are able to effectively consume all relevant information throughout the shopper experience.